What is TDS (Tax Deducted at Sourcea) Return?

Apart from depositing the tax, the deductor should also file a TDS return.

TDS return is a quarterly statement to be given to the I-T department. It is compulsory for deductors to submit a TDS return on time. The details required to file TDS returns are:

Eligibility Criteria for TDS Return

TDS return can be filed by employers or organizations who have a valid Tax Collection and Deduction Account Number (TAN). Any person making specified payments mentioned under the I-T Act are required to deduct tax at source and needs to deposit within the stipulated time.

Quarterly Due dates

Quarter 1 April - June July 31

Quarter 2 July - September October 31

Quarter 3 October - December January 31

Quarter 4 January - March May 31

Interest Rate

An applicant is categorized as a defaulter for not depositing the deducted tax by the due date (7th of each month) and is charged a monthly interest of 1.5% on the delayed amount. Section 271 (C) and Section 276 (B) mandate an applicant to pay the interest amount.

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